Information for existing clients and supervisees

I understand how much anxiety there is around coronavirus, which is impacting hugely on every area of our lives, in a way that has not been seen in our generation. 

I will update this page regularly as the situation develops and as NHS and Government advice changes. 

I recommend looking at official websites for your information about the virus, for example, the latest NHS advice on coronavirus is here and the UK government's response to the coronavirus is here.  Comprehensive and balanced reporting of the situation can be found on the BBC News webpages.  I recommend not spending too much time each day engaging with the news, but ensuring you pursue as wide a variety of other activities as you can in our straitened circumstances.

Continuing to offer you sessions

The Quaker Meeting House closed temporarily on Monday 23 March as a response to COVID-19.  In order to ensure I can continue to work with you, should you choose, I am now offering counselling sessions by telephone, or by video conferencing using either Zoom or Vsee, both of which can be downloaded for free.  (Vsee is a video conferencing software with a high level of security and privacy, designed specifically for health consultations.) 

Telephone or video sessions may seem daunting, and they are certainly different, but in my experience they can still be an effective way, for most people, of receiving support.  We can try one or the other or switch between them - I aim to be as flexible as possible as we adjust to working in a different way. 

If you prefer to cancel your sessions for the time being please give me as much notice as possible - if less than 24 hours' notice the usual cancellation policy will apply. I would then undertake to contact you as soon as I am able to offer face to face appointment again, and you would have priority over any new clients.

I've added the additional terms and conditions that apply to telephone and video sessions respectively to my Terms of Business page.

I'd like to assure you that if I become unwell I will stop working immediately and I will give you as much notice as possible of the cancellation of your session.

If you have any questions or concerns about your session in the light of coronavirus, please get in touch with me.

Version 7, 30 March 2020