Staff support and development

One-to-one consultative support for managers and staff

With substantial experience of working at a senior level within voluntary sector organisations I am well-placed to offer external (non-managerial) supervision/consultative support to managers and staff within your organisation, on a regular or occasional basis. 

Workshops and training

I have substantial experience in leading
skills and self-development training and I can design a customised workshop for your group, workplace or organisation.  Recent training I have delivered includes the Ripple Effect workshops mentioned below, plus the following bespoke workshops:
  • Conflict resolution
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Managing low mood and depression
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Managing conflict: understanding positions and interests
  • Fight/flight/freeze/flop and its role in anxiety, stress and depression
Find out more
  • Please contact me to discuss the support and development needs of your staff or client group.
  • Read what people have said about attending my workshops below.
Workshop testimonials

Participants on "Fight/flight/freeze/flop and its role in anxiety, stress and depression":

"As always, very interesting and enjoyable session with Christine - come back soon please." (Anon February 2017)

"I thought the session was very good and informative."
  (Anon February 2017)

Participants o
n The Ripple Effect ProcessTM workshop "How to Calm Down and Think Straight":

"Found the leader very knowledgeable and understanding." (SM April 2015)

"Going away in a new frame of mind - positive.  I will try to put into practice what I have learnt." (DI April 2015)

"Learning coping mechanisms for negative thoughts." (MC April 2015)

"Enjoyed this course immensely.  Felt relaxed and more positive at the end.  Thank you very much." (LI April 2015)

"The breathing exercise was very helpful." (BR April 2015)

"Excellent session.  Extremely helpful.  Tuition well explained, detailed and professional." (PL April 2015)

"Most enjoyable day.  Pleased I came.  More laughing than I have done in months." (SY April 2015).

On "Understanding Depression":

"Very interesting, focused and flexible - geared to us.  Interactive and therefore affirming.  Makes me want to explore more, makes me feel positive."  (TH August 2014)

"Great group feeling.  Lots of interaction.  Presented very well - relaxed approach."  (KA August 2014) 

On "Understanding Anxiety":

"More courses like this please!" 
(SM September 2014)

"I now have an armoury of information to help me should I experience another panic attack: (hopefully no more)...first class workshop." 
(WI September 2014)

"Nicely presented.  Most informative.  I feel better than when I came." 
(SE September 2014)

"Very useful and interesting...perfect venue."
(SA June 2014)

"Understanding that there is a new and different path that I can go along."
(EL June 2014)

"I felt relaxed throughout - the group was in safe hands!  Thank you very much."  (RM June 2013)

"Christine delivered the workshop in a professional and fun way." 
(GR June 2013)

"Good clear information about different types of anxiety and ideas to lessen anxiety."  (SL June 2013)

"Very informative.  Learned a lot about anxiety and how to cope with it and treat it."  (GS December 2012)

"Christine was a warm and welcoming practitioner treating the group members equally well and dividing her attention professionally, a reflection of her personality and training."  (TC December 2012)

On "How to Balance Your Mind, Body and Weight":

"Enjoyed the nutritional information and the visualisation"
(PA March 2014)

"Loved the overall balance - will definitely refer back to this" (RO March 2014)

"Christine presented in a clear, effective and friendly manner and was open to questions throughout the day" (KA March 2014)

"Very good choice of venue - bright and warm" (LI March 2014)

On "How to Play and Have Fun":

"Really enjoyed the whole day and it has given me a lot to think about" (JE November 2013)

"I really enjoyed the creative parts of the workshop and I have gained some knowledge about laughter" (JN November 2013)