Counselling Agreement

This is the agreement that we sign if we agree to work together:

Qualifications and professional status

My name is Christine Bailey and I hold the Graduate Diploma in Counselling from York St John University (2006).  I am a Registered and Accredited Counsellor/ Psychotherapist (registration number 23222) with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  I work within the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions which is available to view on the BACP website. 

Confidentiality (see also my Privacy Policy)

All information you give me remains confidential, subject to the following: 

·         I may need to break your confidentiality where there is risk of harm to yourself or another, or if required by law. Wherever possible I will discuss this with you first.

·         I may seek guidance from my Clinical Supervisor but will do so on an anonymous basis. 

·         I make brief written (paper) records of counselling sessions.  These are kept securely for 5 years after our last contact, then destroyed, or will be destroyed on my death, or at your written request, if earlier. 


We both agree to treat each other with respect, to not harm each other and to treat the premises with care and respect.  I may choose not to see you if you appear to be under the influence of any substance likely to hinder our working together.


Sessions will usually take place weekly at the same time and place.  Each session will last for 60 minutes.  At the assessment we will decide how many sessions we will work together.  We will review our work regularly, and any changes to the number or frequency of sessions will be agreed after a full review. 

We agree to notify each other of any planned breaks (for holidays etc) at the earliest opportunity.  We both agree to minimise the risk of interruptions e.g. by switching our phones off.

Arriving for your session

There is a waiting area at Friargate Quaker Meeting House where you can purchase tea, coffee and biscuits (self-service).  Feel free to arrive a few minutes early and I will come to collect you at the appointed time.

If you arrive late for your session the rest of the time is still yours, although the full fee will be charged and we will need to finish at the normal time. 


The fee for the initial assessment session and for each subsequent counselling session is £50 per session.  Payment is due at or before each session by cash, cheque or bank transfer.  Cheques are to be made payable to Christine Bailey.  You are welcome to pay for a block of sessions in advance if this is convenient to you.


If either of us is unable to keep an arranged appointment we agree to let each other know at the earliest opportunity.  If you cancel within 24 hours of the agreed start time, or fail to arrive for a planned session, the full fee will be charged. 

Contact between sessions

I will only contact you if you miss a session or if I need to cancel an agreed session.  If we accidentally meet outside the counselling room, I will only greet you in a brief and friendly manner, unless you indicate a wish not to be acknowledged at all.

Finishing counselling

Usually you will know when you are ready to finish counselling, and we can discuss this together.  It is usually helpful for you to give me at least one week’s notice so that we have a full session to review our work and make a positive ending. 

Sometimes counselling can bring up difficult feelings and you may feel you want to withdraw before your next session.  I would encourage you to talk to me about this as we may be able to find a way forward together.