When I finish working with someone in counselling, I ask people for their feedback about their experience.  Some people give me permission to share their comments here, so below is a selection of what people have said.

"I achieved everything that I wanted to when I started counselling - and then some! That isn’t to say that I don’t have more work to do, but I’m very happy with my progress so far and have the groundwork done to achieve what I want to next." (CO September 2019)

"What worked well for me was coming up with my own “agenda” for each session - this really allowed me to think about what I wanted to get from each session and you always helped me to get there!  Also learning about grounding and focusing on the unconscious as well as the conscious, and learning about how my body is a key part of me!" (CO September 2019)

"You were very skilled at asking me the right questions, getting me to think about present behaviours in light of past events and, most importantly, at making me feel at ease right from the start. I liked that you were never particularly pushy or directive and let me come to my own conclusions. You were also completely genuine and empathetic. Counselling with you has been one of the best investments in myself I have made in a long time." (JA October 2018)

"I particularly liked that you ‘normalised’ my behaviour so frequently and reiterated that, given what things were like for me when I grew up, it is no wonder that I should react in a certain way. That was probably one of the most liberating aspects for me about our sessions – I would always come out feeling like I had a supporter and somebody who believed in me when my own image of myself had been fairly negative for a long time." (KM October 2018)

"[I appreciated] your understanding of NT/AS relationships, backed up by reference to theory (for reading outside sessions) [and] suggestions of strategies in relationship."  (MI August 2018)

"Friargate Meeting House is an ideal location, neutral and accessible."  (DI August 2018)

"You were warm and containing and willing to challenge and question me at the same time.  I felt as though you wanted the best for me and I could be completely honest with you.  Thank you so much for your support." (HL April 2018)

"The thing I found most helpful about the sessions was the way Christine explained how the mind worked and how I had the ability to choose the way I think and therefore control and understand my anxiety." (ST October 2017)

"Felt totally safe, supported and understood throughout the counselling process."
(JA June 2017)

"One of the most worthwhile things I have done."
(SA June 2017)

"It was lovely to get a friendly email before the first session."
(GI June 2017)

"You kept things simple which is what I needed."
(CO May 2017)

"Definitely very helpful - helped me out of a difficult patch and given me tools I continue to reflect on, particularly if I am struggling.  Counselling helped me start to "own" some different ways of thinking and I felt "lighter" after sessions."
(BT February 2017)

"I felt that our relationship was very much founded in respect and understanding.  I came with a very clear issue which was embraced professionally from the outset."
(CO November 2016)

"Feeling more confident about the future.  Being listened to without judgement."
(CH February 2016)

"I have gone from major depression/anxiety to 95% recovery, having felt that I would never feel happy again.  Having a good counsellor is vital to the speed and likelihood of a successful recovery. I feel very fortunate to have found one."
(AY April 2015) 

"I have an understanding of what sets my stress off."
(BE January 2015)

"A lot of understanding and reassurance.  I was never judged.  I have understood my problems and how to deal with them."  (RE December 2014)

"During counselling I realised my feelings were quite normal.  I am now able to deal with difficult situations more calmly and confidently." 
(MC December 2014)

"It was nice to have a space free of judgement.  Being able to let each session flow without a set agenda helped to work through issues as they arose while also working through those from the past.  I have really grown and discovered more of myself." (SE August 2014)

"I appreciated my thoughts being listened to and clarified, learning about the 'Hot Cross Bun' model, and the useful phrase 'that was then and this is now'."  (SH July 2014)

"The sessions were very balanced and helpful
- a haven from the madness." (PR January 2014)

"Christine's approach to me was both reassuring and challenging.  The sessions have helped me gain a better, more rational perspective on my feelings." (CL January 2013)

"It helped at a difficult time to have someone outside my circle to speak to, listen to me, and help me make informed decisions." (WO December 2012)

"Thank you for everything.  I've learned so much from our sessions and feel in a much better place than I was 6 months ago." (GR June 2012)